• By working hard, taking risks, challenging boundaries and advocating for mutual investment in a better future.
  • By continually seeking to optimize development and growth in order to increase employment and engagement as well as our positive impact.
  • By leading the campaign for global citizens to band together in the mission for positive and sustainable change.




  • About high quality in execution as well as operating in a fair and sustainable way.
  • By adopting an inclusive employment policy that does not discriminate based on socioeconomic background, gender, religion, medical condition, or disability. 
  • By striving to build partnerships with small suppliers and organizations from disadvantaged and rural communities, providing them much needed opportunities and market access.
  • By optimizing the skills and practices of our suppliers through education and investment.
  • By mindfully sourcing from suppliers who offer fair wages, prohibit child and forced labor, commit to non-discrimination, promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, provide safe and healthy working conditions, and respect the environment.
  • By advocating to our consumers and partners in the entire supply chain to work together towards a better world. 




  • Marginalized communities with conscious consumers through our products. 
  • By embracing low-income communities in our supply chain such as farmers, artisans and employees, giving these vulnerable people opportunities and market access that enable and empower.
  • By creating partnerships and value chains that contribute to our impact objectives.




WOO is dedicated to changing the way people shop. Our customers care about the humans behind their purchases and want to have a positive impact on the world. When you purchase WOO, you help employ & empower the communities who are involved in making the WOO collection.

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